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Putting a stop to runaways

Bobcat Equipment South Africa, in partnership with Ferobrake in Witbank, has pioneered a failsafe braking system on the Bobcat T40180 Telescopic Handler.


 Demag’s newly-launched V-Type crane girder

Load handling revolutionised REF: MMPR 567

Benefits to the industry: Demag’s newly-launched V-Type crane girder can easily manage more than 500 000 load changes – over double the service life of a conventional box-section girder – making it a game changer in the local material handling sector.
Demag’s V-Type girder delivers safety and impressive load handling rates. Regardless of the model type selected – the V-Type girder can be easily adapted to any building shape, and is the ideal solution both for existing buildings, as well as for new construction projects.

Improve cargo handling REF: MMPR 570

Benefits to the industry: New to BLT SA’s range of materials handling equipment are Capacity Sabre 9 terminal tractors which are coupled with trailers to safely move heavy weight trailered cargo throughout container terminals, across docks and over airport runways.

These modular terminal tractors, which can be customised for every specific handling task they need to perform, are ideally suited for demanding operations in distribution and logistics centres, warehouses, container and intermodal facilities, as well as for light industrial handling.
Maintenance: Built-in on-board diagnostics enable operators to easily monitor the machine’s service status. Numerous service checks can be performed at ground level, which ensures more uptime for each machine.

Backup service: The company’s support service encompasses a technical advisory and original spare parts facility.

Innovative pressure testing and flushing technology REF: MMPR 575

Benefits to the industry: Indicative of Metric Automotive Engineering’s strategy of implementing best practice to the advantage of its customers, the company has introduced innovative technology that will guarantee the cleanliness of coolers and will eliminate the issues that many customers have faced in the past with secondary failures during operation.

This pressure testing and flushing system can be implemented on any type of cooler, whether for engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, intercooler or radiators.
The new technology being applied by Metric Automotive Engineering uses a flushing fluid which runs at 85˚C. This temperature causes expansion within the cooler and opens it up to free any debris that is trapped. The system operates at 3 bar pressure, something which cannot be achieved with ultrasonic cleaning.

An optimum site solution REF: MMPR 574

Benefits to the industry: Based on customer input, Caterpillar is working on a multi-generational product development plan, dedicated to creating optimum site solutions. With significant testing and design improvements, this will bring products to market faster. In turn, Caterpillar continues to enhance existing undercarriage systems across its model range. 

A prime example is its sleeve bearing track system, which has more than 10 years of proven performance in the field.
Maintenance: This patented design has demonstrated its ability to eliminate galling between pins and bushings, thereby increasing track life. Extended intervals for bushing turns also reduce maintenance interventions.
Standard on all Cat D11N, D11R, and D11T track-type tractors, this undercarriage system is designed to operate at higher speeds and greater loads.


No fuss tyre handling REF: MMPR 572

Benefits to the industry: A first in South Africa, the unique and robust Bobcat Industrial Wheel Mover has been specially designed and engineered locally to ensure the safe, easy and efficient removal and perfect positioning of large wheels with diameters ranging from 36" to 90". Weighing 214kg, this workhorse boasts a lifting capacity of close to 1700kg and is capable of safely handling tyres on any large vehicles or machinery operating in construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, and general industry.

Reduces friction and fuel consumption REF: MMPR 571

Benefits to the industry: SKF’s lubrication solution for HBUs (hub bearing units) reduces friction by as much as 9% compared to standard grease while maintaining the same bearing performance. 

Sustainability: The low friction grease meets the market need to reduce friction in wheel bearing units, cutting both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption to improve total vehicle efficiency.
Developed by SKF to a new chemical formula with an optimised ratio between friction modifier and anti-wear additives, the ion grease contributes to the reduction of the friction maintaining the same bearing performance in terms of life, stiffness and sealing.

Reduced maintenance REF: MMPR 566

Benefits to the industry: Conveyor belt slippage, poor traction, inferior wear properties and inadequate water shedding are nightmares which plague plant operators on mines. All of these can cause unplanned downtime with associated cost implications. However, more critically, conveyor belt slippage is potentially dangerous and could even result in catastrophic failure on a plant. In instances where slippage continues, there is an increased danger of fire as well as damage to the carcass and splice, caused when the belt does not grip. The Multotec Wear Linings MultoLag pulley lagging functions as a maintenance-free wear-resistant cover that is applied to pulley shells to improve traction in the case of drive pulleys and provide a polished low friction surface on non-drive pulleys.

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