Plug-and-play solution for equipment monitoring

The FAG SmartQB from Bearings International, is a ready-to-use, preconfigured condition monitoring system for electric motors, fans, compressors and gearboxes.

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The system is ideal for industries such as cement, paper, steel, water management, machinery and plant engineering.

Commissioning takes a mere five minutes and requires no special skills or understanding of vibration diagnosis. Clearly-understood, plain-text messages relating to the causes of any possible defects are generated on the touch-screen display when changes occur in the condition of the equipment, with the option of more than 15 languages.

The system allows for 24/7 monitoring for maximum plant availability, and is preconfigured for the capture of various anomalies, with up to six sensors. Output of five error states is possible, namely bearing damage, unbalance, friction / cavitation, temperature increases and basic variations.

Additional features include a live display of current values, trend patterns, damage development and static information about operating hours, among others.

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 899 0000.

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