Band it REF: MMPR 83

product083Benefits to the industry: The Ultra-Lok UL4000-C Application Tool available through Banding & Identification Solutions, has been used extensively in the mining industry. The tool is ideal for hose clamping, and has been designed to replace band and buckle systems in high volume applications.
Sustainability: It is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery which holds a charge for longer with consistent peak performance through the life of the battery.
Backup service: Aftersales service and training are available from Banding & I.D. Solutions.
Maintenance: Repair and maintenance services are available. mmpr
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Resistant to fault REF: MMPR 82

product082Benefits to the industry: SKF has announced the introduction of the TLMR series of automatic lubricant dispensers for general machinery applications in heavy industries such as mining.
Ideal for difficult-to-reach or hazardous lubrication points, the TLMR lubricators are resistant to water, dust and vibration.
Sustainability: The TLMR 101 lubricator is powered by standardsized
Lithium AA batteries, while the TLMR 201 utilises 12V or 24V DC. Both models are available with 120-milliliter or 380-milliliter dispensers, easily replaceable lubricant cartridges for applications requiring high lubricant consumption. mmpr
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Environmental ease REF: MMPR 80

product080Benefits to the industry: Legrand’s energy-efficient cast resin transformers, which efficiently transfer electrical power between two different voltage systems, at the same frequency, are manufactured by a Legrand subsidiary, EdM, according to stringent quality and safety specifications.
Maintenance: This compact system has also been designed for easy installation and low maintenance requirements – no oil changes are necessary.
Sustainability: The absence of flammable insulation liquids, the use of self-extinguishing materials exempt of toxic gas emissions, reduced noise levels, and low electromagnetic emissions, ensure enhanced environmental protection in all sectors.
Back-up service: Legrand offers a technical advisory service on which transformer and busbar trunking system provides the best solution. mmpr
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Without dark spots REF: MMPR 34

product034Benefits to the industry:
Saving lives, saving money, improving efficiency and saving energy is a must for all mines.
Halo Lighting provides a complete flood of crisp white luminescence throughout installations, covering every corner from ceiling to walls and ground without dark spots whatsoever.
Sustainability: Halo Lighting energy efficient which utilises only the highest grade LED products and technology.
Maintenance: It is a lightweight, maintenance-free product. Halo Lighting is built to last with a full four year warranty, with an expected lifespan of well over a decade. It has exceptional protective features such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overheat and even protection against lightning strikes. mmpr

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A range of coatings REF: MMPR 33

product033Benefits to the industry:
Industrial operations in South Africa can benefit from a wide range of coatings for roller bearings. Schaeffler coatings are available locally through leading bearings and power transmission components distributor Bearings 2000.
The company stocks a range of Schaffler branded coatings for these applications, including; Corrotect, Durotect, Trindour and Insutect.
Maintenance: Schaffler bearings are designed to offer high performance capacity and a long operating life.
Sustainability: By reducing friction, the coatings contribute to energy efficiency in the form of reduced energy consumption too.
Back-up service: Value-added services range from training courses and expert support during the introduction stage, to customised service contracts. mmpr

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No machine is too big REF: MMPR 32

product032Benefits to the industry:
Get rid of grime, muck and dirt on the largest machines. Hydro Engineering, through their range of products in the Hydroblaster range produce portable wash bay systems of any size, which eliminate the need for normal concrete
and steel structures associated with wash bays.
All of the water committed for cleaning is captured within the operational area of the perforated steel deck and circulated through a variety of filters so that water can be reused within the wash cycle. In a similar fashion, the muck off vehicles or machines is also captured through the deck and treated within the system, 100% of the captured water is thus rendered safe for reuse.
Sustainability: As a system it is very environmentally friendly as all the hydrocarbon waste is captured and treated. mmpr

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