Dispenser series Ref: MMPR 318


Benefits to the industry: The TLMR series of automatic lubricant dispensers from global bearings and engineering solutions specialist, SKF, is ideally suited for difficult-to-reach or hazardous lubrication points on general machinery. The lubricant dispensers deliver maximum discharge pressure of up to 435psi (30 bar) and provide reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -25 degrees to +70 degrees Celsius.

Sustainability: The TLMR 101 lubricator is powered by standard-sized, Lithium AA batteries, while the TLMR 201 utilises 12- or 24- volt DC. Both models are available with 120mℓ or 380mℓ easily replaceable lubricant cartridges for applications requiring high lubricant consumption in heavy industries such as mining.

Coat of armour REF: MMPR 282

product282Benefits to the industry: Bluchem’s BluGuard anti-corrosion coatings will extend the lifetime and restore some capacity to corroded HVAC/R equipment.
This allows the savvy equipment owner to postpone replacement costs and reduce energy consumption over the lifetime of the unit.
BluGuard Coil Protection already has the highest performance ratings for HVAC/R coatings as per independent and standardised accelerated corrosion testing. The imbedded aluminium flake can help restore bonding between fin and tubes that have detached due to corrosion.
Sustainability: The energy portion of an HVAC system cost over lifetime is generally in the region of 50%, so improving efficiency and preventing further corrosion deterioration can realise huge savings. mmpr
For more information contact chantalle@interactmedia.co.za

Non-stick coating REF: MMPR 281

product281Benefits to the industry: Thermaspray takes surface coating technology to the next level as the first company in South Africa to introduce an array of coatings from Plasma Coatings in the USA, at world class standards.
Plasma Coatings combine the advantages of thermal spray (metal) coatings with polymer based top coatings to offer benefits of wear resistance, slip and traction.
The metal base layer provides a hard durable wear resistant surface that protects components from wear due to mechanical or contact related forces. When a low coefficient of friction (low or zero traction) is required, polymer top coatings are applied to machinery components to reduce the traction and increase the release. A hydrophobic (water-resistant) and oleophobic (oil-resistant) non-stick surface is created to prevent sticking of materials such as adhesives or rubber which slip/slide over the components without adhering to it.
For applications that require traction, a surface traction coating is available which eliminates slippage by combining the unique properties of surface traction and release. mmpr
For more information contact chantalle@interactmedia.co.za

A range of beams REF: MMPR 280

product280Benefits to the industry: VisionX, available through Torre Automotive, has extended the versatility of the Duralux LED light (DURA) with new 10, 40 and 60 degree beam pattern models. The DURA is IP-68 is suitable for mounting on almost any type of machinery. The wider angle optics are used by the industrial market. The rugged die-cast aluminum housing provides superior protection against the elements and a universal single-bolt mount allows a range of adjustments to be made.
Sustainability: Each Duralux light draws only 1,6A (12v) from its 5W LEDs, reducing power consumption leading to lower operating costs.
Each light comes standard with the VisionX 50 000 hour LED warranty. mmpr
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Shielding the industry REF: MMPR 279

product279Benefits to the industry: Eliminate the need for repairing damage to steel surfaces, which occur during extended storage periods or shipping and handling.
The RustPrufe corrosion protection solution, available through Filter Focus, is ideal for industrial and mining applications.
RustPrufe is a painted or sprayed-on acrylic polymer emulsion that dries to form a seamless, skin-tight weather and UV-resistant protective barrier.
Sustainability: RustPrufe is also environmentally-friendly and with zero toxicity leftover, the coating can be disposed of safely in landfills. With no harmful chemicals, PPE is not required and an absence of harmful vapours and fumes means that the solution can be applied in confined spaces too. mmpr

No penalties with these spill kits

Industrial spills may be extremely harmful, but innovations are available to remedy such a situation in no time at all.
Spill kits available through AfriSupply are manufactured to absorb, contain, and clean up a wide variety of Hazmat spillages (both on land and water, be it oils, diesel, fuel, petroleum-based products, or chemicals).

All absorbent products are non-flammable and contains natural products, preventing any form of environmental harm or damage. As per ISO regulations it is a legal requirement to have a spillage kit on board Hazmat transporters and relevant sites; as stipulated one must provide for the prevention of a spillage.

Instruction guides and training DVDs (the first and only in South Africa) are available to ensure proper utilisation.

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