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An effective alternative REF: MMPR 555

Benefits to the industry: Custom built E-Houses, manufactured by Shaw Controls, a division of Zest WEG Manufacturing, offer a rapid and far more cost effective alternative to the building of brick and mortar substations, and this is especially true in an underground application. 

Containerised electrical control installations in underground applications are not new. The concept was first used during the sinking of many of South Africa’s gold mining vertical shafts when ISO marine containers were equipped with mimic panels and other ancillary equipment. However, the evolution and development of pre-manufactured electrical substations or E-Houses has opened up numerous possibilities including the ability to completely customise the unit according to process and plant requirements.

Powered by the sun

Benefits to the industry: The P&C Mining Services Solar Powered Lighting Plant was designed with ease-of-maintenance, ease of use and cost savings in mind. 

The self-cleaning solar panels provide charge to 80 maintenance-free Lithium-Iron Phosphate cells. The cells supply power to 2 x 150W 24DC LED lights which provide 29,580 Lumens of brightness and are installed on an actuated pan and tilt base with an operation capability of 360° to the horizontal and 90° to the vertical axis. The self-deploying mast reaches 8m at full extension.
The trailer is fitted with outriggers which ensure stability on uneven surfaces and during rough winds. Assembled onto a trailer, the plant can be hitched and towed by an LDV allowing for easier manoeuvrability across a range of terrains. Support includes operation, training and maintenance manuals, on-site support and a 12 month warranty.

Hydrogen is the way of the future REF: MMPR 558

Benefits to the industry: For RTS Africa Engineering, hydrogen-based technologies have exciting implications for a more energy-efficient future. The company is the sole agency for leading global hydrogen technology company NEL Hydrogen in sub-Saharan Africa.

Hydrogen is potentially the energy carrier of the future: by transforming electricity to hydrogen through water electrolysis, energy can be stored for later use. It is also considered one of the important fuels of the future as it provides clean and emission-free fuel for transport.
NEL Hydrogen produces electrolysers for large-scale hydrogen production; as well as for hydrogen storage of renewable energy and has installed more than 500 electrolyser units around the world.
In Africa, these include installations in Kenya, Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria. Locally in South Africa, these include installations in Saldanha Bay and Sezela in KwaZulu-Natal.
Maintenance: These units are extremely robust and reliable, requiring almost no maintenance.

Quiet but powerful REF: MMPR 561

Benefits to the industry: Rulmeca Motorised Pulleys available through Melco are safe, powerful, compact, quiet and energy efficient.

Sustainability: The rugged design and exceptional build quality allow for power efficiencies of up to 97%.

Maintenance: The pulley requires only the recommended oil and oil seal changes and service intervals may be extended by using only uncontaminated synthetic oil.

Address the mess REF: MMPR 560

Benefits to the industry: The iCerMax unit offers the complete solution to addressing bulk tank contamination (both particle and water).

Maintenance: It does so cost-effectively with long maintenance intervals, low running costs and easy installation.

Sustainability: You achieve 100% sustainable filtration and condition monitoring due to the inherent characteristics of the Wonderstone ceramic depth filtration medium.


Fully compliant REF: MMPR 557

Benefits to the industry: APE Pumps offers API 610 DSHF double suction pumps. These horizontal, double suction, between bearing pumps are designed for use in critical services. DSHF pumps are fully compliant with API 610 8th edition.

Features include between bearing design to minimise deflection at mechanical seals, double suction impeller for axial balance, oil mist or oil purge bearing lubrication, circular bearing housing mounting for maximum bearing support as well as finned bearing housings to maximise heat dissipation.

Pump power REF: MMPR 554

Benefits to the industry: Viking universal seal pumps are heavy-duty foot-mounted pumps with an enlarged bearing housing. This allows the user to replace seals or change seal technologies without removing the pump. Available in 12 sizes, with stainless steel, steel, ductile iron or cast iron construction, other features include thrust-bearing adjustment set, pressure relief valve standard and multiple port locations.

The power of air REF: MMPR 553

Benefits to the industry: Sulzer Hydromining is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the pneumatic drill. With set requirements and the understanding and knowledge of water hydraulics, the Sulzer ADD rock drill has been designed to operate with air and uses only water for lubrication. No oil fogging is present during drilling, therefore no harmful oil vapours are inhaled. Noise levels are at the acceptable requirements.

Sustainability: The ADD has a water shut-off valve that saves water by restricting the flushing water when the machine is not in operation.

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