Eco-accredited Ref: MMPR 414

Benefits to the industry: I-CAT continues to consolidate its reputation as a leading environmental solutions company, having achieved internationally-recognised accreditation from the ‘Ecospecifier Verified Product Programme' in May 2015.

Sustainability: Ecospecifier is an online platform that promotes the protection and restoration of natural systems by building awareness of practical solutions that support healthy environments and ecological regeneration in the built environments and construction sector.

The Ecospecifier Verified Product Programme ensures products have been independently assessed according to the Verified Product Programme Standard – whereby all manufacturers’ eco claims are true in accordance with ISO 14021, consumer law and that products are healthy and non-toxic. One of I-CAT’s products that received this high-profile certification is RDC 20, a water-soluble anionic polyelectrolyte polymer comprised of an exclusive formulation of blended emulsified co-polymers and ionic modifiers. RDC 20 is produced from natural substances and features no petrochemical or hydrocarbon ingredients, making it 100% eco-friendly.

Performance of a powered pump Ref: MMPR 413

Benefits to the industry: The XC-Series cordless pump, available through Enerpac, is ideal for jobs using small to medium size cylinders and hydraulic tools, and is compatible with over 140 Enerpac tools and cylinders.

These cordless pumps combine the performance of a powered pump with portability of a hand pump making them a perfect solution for remote applications with limited or no access to a power supply or for locations where corded solutions present trip hazards.
Sustainability: The Lithium-Ion battery provides superior run time. The battery packs contain no cadmium, so they are environmentally friendly. Enerpac encourages recycling.

A generator for all seasons Ref: MMPR 415

Benefits to the industry: Goscor Power Products have ensured that its generators, available from 2kva Inverter units to our super silent 65kva water-cooled diesel powered standby sets, cater for virtually every power generation need. In addition to optional units with automatic transfer switches, all equipped with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation), Goscor Power Products also supplies generators with an easy start function that includes electric as well as remote start.

Backup service: A team of qualified installers from the Goscor dealer network will conduct site visits to determine the end-user’s exact generator requirements in order to ensure the correct generator that is best suited to a particular application is specified. Goscor Power Products delivers the full power generator solution, from professional, quality installation services to parts and spares support from Goscor’s countrywide dealer network.

New mill discharge pump range Ref: MMPR 412

Benefits to the industry: The new Metso series of Mill Discharge slurry pumps couples a wealth of experience with an understanding of today’s market needs and demands for improved sustained performance and lower cost.

Specifically designed from inception for mill circuit applications, the MDM hard metal and MDR rubber-lined double-adjusted slurry pumps offer sustained performance with maximum time between mill shutdowns.

Tower of light Ref: MMPR 411

Benefits to the industry: Atlas Copco has launched its compact and cost saving QLB 60 light tower for the event and construction industries. The unit’s innovative LED light uses special optics to deliver high luminosity and a small footprint for improved on-site productivity.

Sustainability: The QLB 60’s 4x350W LED lights give more luminous coverage than typically delivered by 4x1 000W metal halide lights. The light tower is also environmentally friendly, producing up to 75% less CO2 than a traditional light tower with 4x1 000W metal halide lamps.

The QLB 60 generates significant savings with operational costs reduced by up to 95% thanks to the different remote start modes available via the photocell and the weekly timer

Maintenance: Contributing to a minimal total cost of ownership, maintenance costs of the QLB 60 are up to 34% lower.

Sand monitoring innovation

New Roxar SandLog wireless transmitters help protect equipment through accurate, flexible and cost-effective monitoring


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