Solar charged REF: MMPR 563

Benefits to the industry: Magnet’s extensive portfolio of components for solar power systems includes Schneider Conext SW inverter/charger systems, which offer reliable solutions for community electrification, residential back-up power and off-grid solar power applications.

This pure sine wave solar hybrid inverter/charger system has been designed for optimum flexibility, with switchable 50/60 Hz frequencies available for 120/240 VAC and 230 VAC models. These robust units feature split-phase input and output, without the need for an external transformer. Stacking two Conext SW modules doubles the system’s total output power and solar charge controllers allow for the integration of solar capacity as required.

New DC/DC converters for the energy sector

Benefits to the industry: The new Quint Power DC/DC converters from Phoenix Contact are particularly suited to applications in the energy sector.

With its wide-range input, the DC nominal input voltages from 60-72V and 96-110V is converted into electrically isolated, adjustable 24V DC output voltage. In customer or works networks, an island manufacturing capability is typically made available by means of voltage levels of 60, 110 or 220V DC as battery-buffered, redundant supply voltages. The wide-range devices cover input voltages of 42-96V and 67-154V DC without any problems and are used in one-sided grounded networks with mid-point grounding. Thanks to the electrical isolation between the input and output voltage, independent supply systems can be established and monitored in a preventative manner.

Heavy duty process pumps REF: MMPR 562

Benefits to the industry: Rapid Allweiler Pumps provide heavy duty pumps with a number of special features. The single stage end suction centrifugal pump’s semi-open impeller allows it to handle solids up to 25mm.

The back pull-out feature allows for the removal of the entire rotating assembly without disturbing the suction and discharge pipe work, provided a spacer coupling is fitted. The volute casing has horizontal suction and vertical discharge flanges. 

The impeller is semi-open with partial shrouds for maximum vane support without the high thrust that is inherent in full shroud designs. It is matched to casing for high efficiency and enables excellent passage for solids.
Maintenance: Wear adjustment within the bearing assembly design allows for hydraulic performance to be maintained by an external impeller adjustment, thus giving extended maintenance intervals on the pump.

An effective alternative REF: MMPR 555

Benefits to the industry: Custom built E-Houses, manufactured by Shaw Controls, a division of Zest WEG Manufacturing, offer a rapid and far more cost effective alternative to the building of brick and mortar substations, and this is especially true in an underground application. 

Containerised electrical control installations in underground applications are not new. The concept was first used during the sinking of many of South Africa’s gold mining vertical shafts when ISO marine containers were equipped with mimic panels and other ancillary equipment. However, the evolution and development of pre-manufactured electrical substations or E-Houses has opened up numerous possibilities including the ability to completely customise the unit according to process and plant requirements.

Powered by the sun

Benefits to the industry: The P&C Mining Services Solar Powered Lighting Plant was designed with ease-of-maintenance, ease of use and cost savings in mind. 

The self-cleaning solar panels provide charge to 80 maintenance-free Lithium-Iron Phosphate cells. The cells supply power to 2 x 150W 24DC LED lights which provide 29,580 Lumens of brightness and are installed on an actuated pan and tilt base with an operation capability of 360° to the horizontal and 90° to the vertical axis. The self-deploying mast reaches 8m at full extension.
The trailer is fitted with outriggers which ensure stability on uneven surfaces and during rough winds. Assembled onto a trailer, the plant can be hitched and towed by an LDV allowing for easier manoeuvrability across a range of terrains. Support includes operation, training and maintenance manuals, on-site support and a 12 month warranty.

Hydrogen is the way of the future REF: MMPR 558

Benefits to the industry: For RTS Africa Engineering, hydrogen-based technologies have exciting implications for a more energy-efficient future. The company is the sole agency for leading global hydrogen technology company NEL Hydrogen in sub-Saharan Africa.

Hydrogen is potentially the energy carrier of the future: by transforming electricity to hydrogen through water electrolysis, energy can be stored for later use. It is also considered one of the important fuels of the future as it provides clean and emission-free fuel for transport.
NEL Hydrogen produces electrolysers for large-scale hydrogen production; as well as for hydrogen storage of renewable energy and has installed more than 500 electrolyser units around the world.
In Africa, these include installations in Kenya, Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria. Locally in South Africa, these include installations in Saldanha Bay and Sezela in KwaZulu-Natal.
Maintenance: These units are extremely robust and reliable, requiring almost no maintenance.

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