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Dust has no escape REF: MMPR 194

product194Benefits to the industry: Industrial operations are making a measurable contribution to environmental sustainability and the health and
safety of nearby communities.
I-CAT’s RDC 20 is a water soluble anionic polyelectrolyte polymer comprised of an exclusive formulation of blended emulsified
co-polymers and ionic modifiers.
Sustainability: RDC 20 is produced from natural substances and features no petrochemical or hydrocarbon ingredients, making it 100% eco-friendly.
When sprayed onto a gravel road surface the solution forms a durable cross linked matrix that binds fine soil particles into larger heavier
particles, which are less prone to become airborne. RDC 20 is used on temporary roads, as it is a cost efficient means to improve road and dust conditions exponentially. mmpr
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Single point lubricator

product193Benefits to the industry: BMG has extended its range of NTNSNR bearing products to include a new single point lubricator, where
the grease is pressurised by a gas generated unit, to provide continuous, reliable, clean, and precise lubrication for bearings.
Sustainability: The new NTN-SNR Ready Booster 125 lubricator ensures less friction, which means energy savings and extended service life of components and equipment.
Maintenance: Other benefits include reduced risk of contamination and accidents, particularly in dangerous areas; shorter maintenance times; improved reliability of industrial equipment and lower operating costs. The compact Ready Booster 125 lubricator is suitable for use in confined and restricted areas and is ready to use– no special assembly or tools are required. A flow limiter valve is integrated in the oil version. A transparent tank in high density polyamide enables maintenance teams to easily check the grease level. mmpr
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Exceptional engines REF: MMPR 192

product192Benefits to the industry: There are many reasons why Goscor Power Products’ premium product range for construction is powered by Robin Subaru engines. In addition to quality and rugged reliability, these heavy duty overhead cam (OHC) engines present a long list of exceptional and unique features that deliver exceptional performance, low operating costs, low maintenance and long life.
Sustainability: Engine life is directly related to temperature and lubrication. The highly efficient cooling system and precision lubrication system on the Robin Subaru engine from Goscor Power Products extend engine life by addressing the two main causes of
engine seizure – excessive heat and under-lubrication.
In addition to enhancing operational and fuel consumption efficiency, this complete combustion of the fuel also reduces emissions; the environmentally-friendly Robin Subaru engines compliant with all US emission regulations.
Backup service: The Robin Subaru engine is available from Goscor Power Products based in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, supported by a countrywide network of distributors. mmpr
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Cataphoresis treatment

Benefits to the industry: Heat, cold, humidity and other environmental factors cause oxidation and corrosion of racking and shelving systems – posing significant operation andmaintenance challenges for warehouses.

To ensure long-lasting protection of its products, APC Storage Solutions SA uses the most advanced treatment process on all of its racking and shelving products: cataphoresis, providing a level of resistance that is three times higher than conventional painting.

Cataphoresis treatment comes standard with APC Storage Solutions SA’s entire range of racking and shelving systems. mmpr

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A genius workmate REF: MMPR 162

product162Benefits to the industry: The 701 and 901 skid steer loader range, and 1101 tracked skid steer loader range.
Sustainability: Model ranges all conform to the latest European regulations regarding operator comfort and bystander noise
levels, making them ideal to work on remodelling projects, shopping centre construction and other noise sensitive areas. Further, the
‘PowerRide’ load suspension system ensures fast and secure travel over uneven terrain without material spillage from the bucket.
Maintenance: With really large and easy to access service openings, daily and routine maintenance tasks are
simplified and made quicker. mmpr
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Spraying for the environment REF: MMPR 161

product161Benefits to the industry: Increasingly stringent environmental legislation has resulted in onsite dust suppression systems playing a role of continued importance in the African mining industry. Dust is a pervasive problem that undermines the health of workers, impacts negatively on the surrounding environment , and substantially reduces the lifespan of machinery. It can damage even the most
sophisticated equipment and technology.
The 'DustMonster' range of machinery minimises the effects of dust by creating an ultra-fine mist that attracts dust and encapsulates the airborne particles, before driving them to the ground. I-CAT was established from humble beginnings in 2007, and today the company boasts a complement of internationally-recognised clients from across Africa.
Sustainability: In addition to its dust suppression solutions, I-CAT also offers clients environmentally sustainable services in the fields of water solutions,environmental management solutions, carbon solutions, agro-forestry, and fire solutions. mmpr
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Lubrication supreme REF: MMPR 160

product160Benefits to the industry: As part of the Engen Xtreme range of lubricants, Engen has now created a premium synthetic lubricant
Xtreme 5W-40. Enhanced fuel efficiency,maximum engine protection, longer life and quality are just some of the features included.
Its unique molecular structure distinguishes it from other lubricants.
Sustainability: The product guarantees reduced fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and minimises oil consumption.
It meets all of the global standards and manufacturer specifications for emissions that specify an API SM. mmpr
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Go with the flow REF: MMPR 159

product159Benefits to the industry: The Durodrain solid wall underground sewer and drain pipe range which is SABS approved to SANS 791 is now available from 110mm up to 630mm in either normal duty (class 51) or heavy duty (class 34). In addition, DPI Plastics can now also manufacture its Ultraflo PVC-M SANS 966-2 and its Duroflo PVC-U SANS 966-1 pressure pipes up to 630mm. DPI Plastics commits to best practice PVC manufacture through pipe products that are heavy metal-free; the responsible and sustainable use of additives and raw materials and; a comprehensive recycling programme. mmpr
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