Compressor drill rig combo offers efficiency

An ELGi diesel compressor, customised by Integrated Air Solutions to fit a state-of-the-art JCB-derived drill and blast drill rig, provides direct flow to all on-board air-dependent equipment and delivers substantial cost savings.

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The drill and blast drill rig are also fitted with two separate independent fire-suppression systems. The triple action system makes use of water, the purest extinguishant, to attack all three components in the fire triangle namely heat, oxygen and fuel. Suitable for any engine compartment, the system uses high-pressure water mist (50-micron droplets) to effectively suppress a fire and cool down the compartment to prevent re-ignition.

ELGi’s skid-mounted 475 to 1 500cfm range of compressors are ideal for mounting on drill rigs or utility trucks and are well suited for water well drilling and borehole drilling applications.

ELGi is one of few companies in the world to offer the full line of single stage (up to 250psi) and two stage (above 250psi) compressors in this range and these machines are widely used by drill rig OEMs globally. The range features a centralised control panel that is easy to use while large access doors facilitate maintenance.

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