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Rand-Air has added the PTS 800 to their range of compressors and generators.

The PTS 800 is the ideal solution for applications which require oil-free air, as there is no trace of oil in the air produced. Certified by the ISO class zero certification, the unit guarantees end product quality.

The PTS 800 has an external fuel connector which enables customers to connect to an external fuel tank. Another key advantage of this unit is that it has been designed to suit 24-hour operations, enabling businesses to run the system 365 days a year without any problems.

Rand-Air’s 100% safety and oil-free guarantee of the PTS800 comes with a 24/7 availability and a fast, all-in approach, including all accessories needed for set up.

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 548 2015.

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