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Top tankers

Structa Technology’s Prestanks are hygienically safe, cost effective and a reliable way to store water in a variety of sectors. The tanks range from 1 500ℓto 4.2 million litres (Mℓ).

The tanks come with a panel section to provide excellent strength properties and are structurally sound for storing water. The stand is designed strictly in accordance with SANS 10160 for wind and SANS 10162 for structural steel work.

An added benefit of these tanks is they facilitate easier handling and transportation over long distances to remote areas, regardless of the final dimensions of the assembled unit. This means that they can be erected at mines that are often in remote locations.

Access to the water tank can be restricted by means of a lockable, ventilated access cover, providing safety and peace of mind to clients. The tanks are also hot dip galvanized for corrosion control in accordance with the requirements of the SANS 121 (ISO 1461) galvanizing standard.

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Top tankers

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