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Cable theft lockdown

Banding & Identification has designed the Ultra-Lok – an effective and easy to install solution that is ideal for preventing cable theft in the mining industry.

Combined with the Ultra-Lok band-and-buckle system, the UL4000-C delivers a finished product that is stronger than traditional methods used to secure cable. Clamping is three to five times faster than conventional banding tools when tensioning a band clamp, making the UL4000-C one of the most powerful portable band clamp installation tools on the market.

The security of any traditional cable installation, such as on a mine site, can be increased significantly by applying a cost-effective Ultra-Lok clamp to every 150mm of cable. Ultra-Lok is a robust clamping solution, with a tamper-proof design, and is easy to install.

Developed and manufactured in the US, the Ultra-Lok is made from superior graded stainless steel that can last for an extended period, which makes it ideal for a rugged mining environment.

The patented Ultra-Lok comes with its own special lubrication and stands out from other products on the market as it is easy to install and inexpensive.

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 974 0424.

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