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Exclusive cables for ‘sunny’ applications

Specialist cable manufacturer, Helukabel, has invested considerable resources to develop a comprehensive range of cables and accessories exclusively for solar energy applications. 

These pre assembled solutions include chains, PV wiring fuse/diode, pre-assembled potential equalisation cables, adapters and other fit-for-purpose photovoltaic cables. Components in the solar range include panel boxes, male and female connectors and branches with a host of accessories that include cable glands, protection tubes, shrink-on sleeves and cable ties.

All Solarflex cables are ozone, UV and weather resistant and are highly resistant to chemical interference, as well as fire and abrasion. In addition, the cables can be made in rodent resistant versions or to customer’s exact requirements for specific sites. The bare copper, tinned and finely stranded cable is double insulated with cross linked Polyolefin while the outer sheath comprises the same material in a black, red or blue.

The nominal voltage of this particular cable is rated at 600/1 000V AC and 1 800V DC. Other requirements unique to solar energy applications include Solarflex-X PV1-F cables developed to enhance the operational efficiency of these sites.The cables carry global approvals from TÜV and VDE. 

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 462 8752.

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