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Flange-to-flange fit cyclone

The Multotec Tornado 660 cyclone features an innovative inlet design which facilitates an increase in capacity. By retrofitting this ingenious Multotec cyclone to an existing cyclone cluster it is possible to increase the capacity and at the same time reduce wear. This ensures optimum life of the liner.

The flange-to-flange fit solution allows customers to reap the benefits of the Multotec cyclone technology in a retrofit installation. Multotec cyclone can be retrofitted into existing 26-inch cyclone clusters. The cyclone is available in varying configurations providing a high level of flexibility. It can be supplied with a different cone angle to facilitate varying cut points, and differing spigot and vortex finder sizes are available.

The steel shelled cyclone can be equipped with the most appropriate liner for a given application thereby facilitating optimum performance and reliability. Liner operations include engineered ceramic tiles or cast replaceable rubber liners. The selection of liner is dependent on the commodity, the application and customer preference.

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