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Grease with ease

SKF introduced its Lincoln 12V lithium-ion PowerLuber. The PowerLuber has been developed for quick, effortless application of a lubricant. This grease tool is suitable for agricultural, automotive, construction, general maintenance, and industrial applications.

The 12V PowerLuber features a lithium-ion battery for maximum power and efficiency, and delivers grease at up to 8 000psi (551 bar). Its three-point base keeps the tool upright for user convenience and helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the motor. Its ergonomic, lighter-weight construction reduces operator fatigue and allows easy access to tight areas.

The tool’s new dual-lip follower enables bulk or cartridge delivery and eliminates grease bypass. The 12V PowerLuber has a bright, built-in light emitting diode to illuminate the work area. Also, the grease gun has an integrated hose holder and tube guide for secure hose storage and easy threading of the grease barrel.

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 821 3500.

SKF Lincoln 001 web

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