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Nice and clean

Integrated Pump Rental has established a reputation for the effective removal of built-up silt from dams and ponds in the mining industry. It has developed the SlurrySucker Dredge Unit, which is capable of extracting high tonnages due to the design and engineering of the dredge head. This is considered one of the most effective ways in which to clean out reservoirs.

The primary advantage of the locally manufactured unit is that the dredging operation can be performed without any downstream processes being halted. Other traditional methods require the pond be taken offline, with accompanying cost implications.

When applied to a water pond on a uranium mine in Namibia with a pH level of 10, the SlurrySucker discharged slurry at 250m3 per hour into the thickener, which in turn resulted in 70 dry tons per hour of sediment. The water pond had a high alkaline level and modifications had to be made to the SlurrySucker unit to enable it to perform at its peak.

Sediment can be sent to the tailings dam or re-mined, while the clean, de-sludged and recycled water is returned to the return water pond.

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