Fast, easy circuit lockouts

Brady’s unique Taglock lockout solution enables operators, mechanical engineers, and maintenance and safety personnel to quickly and easily lock out electrical circuits to prevent accidental engagement while maintenance is ongoing. With Taglock, the risk of electrocution and other accidents related to re-energising can be reduced.


Effective groundwater control

Integrated Pump Rental is responsible for marketing the Sykes range of dewatering pumps in southern Africa. These pumps have an established reputation for the fast and effective control and removal of sub-surface water.


Expert machinery assistance

The ability to implement enhancements during the repair or refurbishment of critical electrical rotating machinery is a major advantage to end-users. Through the level of skills and expertise that resides within Marthinusen & Coutts, a division of Actom, it has established a strong reference base and reputation for this.


Safe vertical movement

Safety and operational reliability are key for equipment that operates on mines, and even more so when this machinery is responsible for the vertical movement of personnel. Vertical transport solutions always need to comply with stringent safety parameters and the Saltec passenger hoists incorporate advanced security systems, including a speed regulator and an over-speed emergency braking system on an independent pinion.


Sophisticated fuel injectors

Use of imitation fuel injectors might save costs in the short term, but the consequential damage for a fleet owner could be extreme.


Uncompromised quality standards

Mentis floor grating is engineered to take specific loading that ensures the optimum safety of the people using those areas. Cheaper products may look identical and to the untrained eye will not have any apparent physical difference; however, it is not capable of carrying the requisite load.


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