Inert and impervious REF: MMPR 18

product018Benefits to the industry:
Versatility is the name of the game. Mather+Platt has won exclusive distribution rights to the Vanton range of thermoplastic pumps.
The Wadeville-based company is the sole distributor of all Vanton products, including Flexiliner seal-less peristaltic pumps, Chem-Gard horizontal centrifugal pumps and Sump-Gard vertical centrifugal pumps. Flex-Plug valves and Gage-Gard instrument protectors and systems are also included.
Vanton pumps have a reputation for durability because of their non-metallic wet ends, which are made of corrosion and abrasion resistant engineered plastics that are inert and impervious to acids, caustics, salts, solvents, chlorides, halogens and other aggressive chemicals that can attack pumps made of metals, plastic or rubberlined metals, and fiberglass reinforced plastics.
Maintenance: Each plastic component is a solid, thicksectioned, standalone part that is easily replaced, allowing the pumps to deliver long, trouble-free service lives. mmpr

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Fantastic feeders REF: MMPR 17

product017Benefits to the industry:
Constant product development and innovation ensures great product reputation. FLSmidth designs and manufactures a range of plant flight-bar feeders used primarily in open-pit coal mining operations. The feeders are suitable for feeding product and waste from a tip hopper facility.
Maintenance: The feeders are of a simple maintenance-friendly construction.
Back-up service: The feeders can be serviced on site or at FLSmidth’s repair facility.

Sustainability: Features include sealed operation with no spillage as well as quiet operation. mmpr

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Reliable piping REF: MMPR 16

product016Benefits to the industry:
DPI Plastics -manufacturer of water reticulation, drainage and pipe-fitting systems in South Africa - is introducing larger diameter Ultralok PVC-M couplings to the local civil and mining sectors, following the continued success of its current range.
Ultralok, which is currently available in 110mm and 105mm diameters, is a first-of-its-kind patented product for the jointing of plain ended pipes.
Fully protected against corrosion, Ultralok is manufactured in-house by Johannesburg-based DPI Plastics, and is performance tested to the company's stringent internal specifications to meet all criteria for use in 16 Bar pressure pipelines where fully restrained joints are required. mmpr

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Energy-efficient reliability REF: MMPR 15

product015Benefits to the industry:
The mining and mineral processing industries can depend on reliable and energyefficient compressed air solutions delivered by Atlas Copco Compressor Technique’s new range of GA VSD (Variable Speed Drive) and GA FF (Full Feature) oilinjected rotary screw compressors.

Sustainability: Every Atlas Copco compressor part is engineered to be able to perform at the highest levels of
reliability while offering optimum energy efficiency even when conditions are unfavourable.

Maintenance: The rotary screw compressors are maintenance-friendly; easy access to all parts allows for simple, quick routine maintenance and servicing. mmpr


Taking on tough environments REF: MMPR 14

product014Benefits to the industry:
Large, stringy and abrasive solids are no problem for these locally manufactured pumps. Becker Mining South Africa’s submersible Alert Pumpmor Hydro-Solids pumps are designed for optimum efficiency.
Sustainability: The open vane design of this range ensures reduced carbon breakage, compared with rubber-lined, closed-vane conventional pumps. These pumps also offer substantial power consumption savings.
Maintenance: The heavy duty design o
f the wet end of these pumps increases service life, with minimal maintenance requirements. mmpr

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Huge energy savings REF: MMPR 13

product013Benefits to the industry:
In wastewater facilities, the aeration blower system can demand as much as 80% of the plant’s total energy consumption. The SKF solution offers the potential to make huge energy savings.

Sustainability: SKF announced the launch of an energy-efficient high-speed permanent magnet motor solution for aeration blowers in wastewater facilities, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. When used in a 350kW blower it may result in annual savings of 500 000kWh, which equals a 375t reduction in carbon emissions.

Maintenance: The SKF solution for aeration blower systems also
uses less mechanical parts than traditional drive systems, which means reduced maintenance, while powerful builtin
monitoring and diagnostic capabilities maintain high performance and reliability. mmpr

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Multi-cutter range expansion REF: MMPR 12

product012Benefits to the industry:
The South African division of Bosch Power Tools is expanding its accessories for professional multi-cutters, which will soon be launched in the local market.

Included in this expansion is the 'C-Tec Precision'plunge saw blades, which are manufactured from Bi-Metal and high carbon steel. These multi-cutter blades have a convex cutting edge, expansion slots, tapered body, and a reinforced OIS 12-point mounting system, and now also come with a unique colour coding system.

What's more, the new OIS 12-point mounting system allows Bosch multi-cutter accessories to be compatible with any multi-cutter tools available on the market without using an adapter.

The multi-cutter accessory range covers applications including; wood, metal, wood & metal combination, grout & abrasive materials, and the newly added accessories for multi-material applications. mmpr

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Solid gear REF: MMPR 11

product011Benefits to the industry:
BMG Drives has been appointed to exclusively represent the Falk V-Class range of industrial gear units in sub-Saharan Africa. The conveying of bulk materials almost always takes place in aggressive environments and remote locations. Falk V-Class gear drives deliver higher output torque densities than conventional units, superior thermal performance, enhanced lubrication
and optimised bearing life. The horizontally split housing of V-Class allows easy assembly and disassembly for maintenance of bearings and gearing, without having to remove the reducer fro
m its location.
Sustainability: The load test rig has also been equipped with SPM condition monitoring equipment to ensure optimum energy efficiency and total reliability.
Back-up service: BMG’s specialist services include installation, adjustment, and maintenance of components.
Maintenance: Maintenance training and fault diagnosis also form important parts of BMG’s field services. mmpr

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