Solutions in doors REF: MMPR 59

product059Benefits to the industry: Let your doors do the job right. Your operators have lots of work to do. Don’t leave it to them to decide when to close the doors inside or outside of the building. Maxiflex Door Systems can provide you with a solution.
Sustainability: An Albany ASSA ABLOY high-speed-door lowers energy cost.
Maxiflex Door Systems can help identify and eliminate unnecessary energy drains at your warehouse and logistic facility and reduce your overall warehouse energy consumption.
Maintenance: Maintenance costs decrease once the door has been installed. mmpr
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Press this REF: MMPR 58

product058Benefits to the industry:
Imagine filter presses that can withstand volcanic eruptions and floods. This is known through an increase in sales to Russian mines because the strength and robustness of the overhead beam presses has proved a great success in the inhospitable Kamchatka peninsula environment. The peninsula has as many as 29 active volcanoes - their eruptions and frequent earthquakes can destroy roads and airport runways.
Diefenbach filter presses available through Filcon serve indus
tries such as mining, pharmaceutical, chemical, textiles, and wastewater.
Maintenance: The product requires minimal maintenance.
Backup service: Technical support, spare parts, and consumables are readily available. mmpr
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Locked tight REF: MMPR 57

product057Benefits to the industry:
Cable-Lock available through EPNS uses the same tried and tested socket system used by plastic pipe systems,with the addition of a retaining or “flex wire” incorporated in front of the seal to “lock” the two pipes together.
This is powerful enough to easily take care of the axial pressure loads. This flex wire travels 360˚around the groove firmly locking the pipes together. Who knew that joining pipes together could be such a simple a task? mmpr

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Mean machines Locked tight REF: MMPR 56

product056Benefits to the industry
: What keeps a company ahead in southern Africa’s highly competitive earthmoving sector is commitment to ongoing research and product development.
Maintenance: Doosan’s robust machines, which are designed to cope efficiently and safely in arduous environments, require minimal maintenance and offer extended service life.
The new ADT’s – DA30 and DA40 units and DL wheel loaders, will be supported in 2014 with the introduction of the DX220A excavator into the 20t class.
Sustainability: Easy access to all components,including the engine oil filter, radiators, and grease inlets prevent contamination to the surrounding environment.

Backup service: Doosan provides a technical advisory, maintenance and spare parts service throughout the country. mmpr

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Reaching new heights REF: MMPR 55

product055Benefits to the industry:
Rexnord bucket elevators with central chains from Bearings International are precisionengineered and fabricated from robust material to deliver reliable performance and extended wear life under the toughest conditions.
Backup service: Bearings International conducts inspections and offer customer training on the Rexnord system.
Maintenance: The company trains plant personnel to conduct chain maintenance while it assists the plants in doing periodic inspections and elongation measurements, giving relevant feedback on wear and lifespan to the users. mmpr

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The right tension REF: MMPR 54

product054Benefits to the industry:
A conventional bolting system,like the sledgehammer, gives little control, is inconsistent, and can cause injuries. Thermal tightening, crane, and hydraulic wrenching and -tensioning are often costly, inaccurate, time consuming, and unsafe.
BMG’s new Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners, which form part of the Nord-Lock range, are designed to reduce downtime and eliminate unsafe and laborious bolting methods for pumps and pumping equipment, particularly in harsh operating conditions like the mines.
These new multi-jackbolt tensioners replace or retrofit nuts and bolts on pumps and only require hand or air tools for
installation and removal of any size tensioner.
Installations are safe because only small hand tools are required. mmpr

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Inclined to efficiency REF: MMPR 53

product053Benefits to the industry:
Conveyor equipment manufacturer Melco continues to gain market share through its range of uni-directional anti-runback conveyor rollers, which are designed to prevent an inclined conveyor from running backwards in the event of a belt break.
The company's anti-runback roller has been particularly popular in platinum, gold, coal, and copper mining applications in various African countries, as well as in Australia and Canada.
Incline conveyors fitted with the product may experience less downtime in the event of a belt snap. mmpr

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Operational efficiency REF: MMPR 52

product052Benefits to the industry: I
n demanding industries such as mining, top performance is required. The 866 TPKL fluid coupling from Voith is one of those solutions on the market. Through controlled application of torque, the fluid coupling pretensions the belt slowly and permits smooth conveyor start-up.
Maintenance: This controlled soft start protects the belt and driveline components and extends their lifetime. As a result, the Voith fluid coupling reduces unplanned downtime– the operator benefits from lower maintenance costs and continuous production.
Sustainability: In addition, motors start up independent of the machine load, and through sequenced starting of the motors, the fluid coupling reduces the load on the power supply circuit. mmpr

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