Flexible high-pressure hose

Isobar 350 CO X-Flex is a premium hose from Hydroscand, especially adapted for hardwearing environments where durability and flexibility are essential. It is most suited for applications with very high pressures and impulses, combined with extensive external abrasion.


Breathe easily and safely

The lightweight and highly portable CleanSpace2 is the world’s smallest powered air purifying respirator. It’s designed to provide the breath of life to users in a wide variety of applications.


Intrinsically safe leak detection

The portable Extrima Ex certified Hydrogen Leak Detector is the ultimate explosion-proof instrument for leak testing in the toughest of environments, including hazardous locations. Extrima Leak Detector brings the Sensistor accuracy, flexibility and simplicity into a new range of demanding applications.


All-in-one robomachine

Fanuc offers the Robodrill α-DiA Series, which is a highly reliable, high-speed and high precision machining centre. The machining centre comes in three sizes ranging from 200 to 300 kilograms.


Watertight underground solutions

BASF’s watertight solutions provide permanent protection against groundwater, surface water and harmful substances (liquid and gaseous) and it prevents root penetration.


Air flotation cells

KYF flotation cells are renowned for outstanding performance, characterised by ease of operation and low energy usage, with superior slurry circulation, air distribution and bubble mineralisation. Decades of research and development, CFD, 3D-PIV and plant trials have resulted in the KYF’s novel Rotor, Stator and Air distributor design with well-proven metallurgical performance on both coarse and fine mineral particles.


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