Value throughout REF: MMPR 112

product112Benefits to the industry: Competitive edge derives from the added value built into its extensive product range FLSmidth’s Supercenter in Delmas provides a full service when it comes to vibrating equipment; from the building of new machines to the refurbishment of existing machines back to original standards which includes full vibration testing and analysis, ensuring that the machine is running at optimum capacity.
Under the Meshcape brand established in 1905, FLSmidth manufactures products that include woven wire mesh, woven screens, wedgewire, wire conveyor belts, perforated material and polyurethane (PU) modular systems and large castings. mmpr
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Air to care for REF: MMPR 111

product111Benefits to the industry: The Delta Blower Generation 5 is the latest model of Aerzen positive displacement blowers introduced locally, available through Airgas Compressors. Blower units are designed for conveying air and neutral gases in industrial applications.
Backup service: All Airgas technicians have undergone full training by Aerzen specialists in Germany, and are on call 24/7.
Maintenance: The Aerzen Delta Blower Generation 5 features considerable sound reductions, easy operation and maintenance from the front of the machine, and space-saving side-by-side installation. mmpr
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A whole new wireless range REF: MMPR 110

product110Benefits to the industry: Allpronix recently launched a range of WirelessHART pressure, level, flow, temperature and density transmitters. This new range of wireless process control and monitoring systems includes the LD400G gauge pressure transmitter, the LD400I pressure transmitter, the DT400 density transmitter, theTP400 transmitter for position measurement, the TT481 Multipoint
temperature transmitter and the RP400 repeater amongst others. mmpr
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Pumping up performance REF: MMPR 109

product109Benefits to the industry: Moyno 2000 pumps set the standard in positive displacement pumping applications. The Proprietary Moyno 2000 geartype universal joint design effectively handles radial and thrust loads for maximum performance and long life. These rugged pumps are able to handle abrasive materials in excess of 80% solids and offer a performance range of 4 500 GPM with pressure of 1 500 PSI.
By incorporating advanced technology, superior design and proprietary manufacturing processes, Moyno 2000 pumps offer effective pumping solutions for an extensive range of applications.
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Bricks for Africa Pumping up performance REF: MMPR 108

product108Benefits to the industry: The RE1400 block making machine from PMSA has a production capacity of 165 000 bricks, 105 000 pavers or 1 600 pallets of hollow blocks per 9 – hour production shift – depending on the product, mixer size and material flow.
Maintenance: The RE1400 machine frame is constructed from heavy-duty tubular steel, with 40mm hard wearing pins that are secured by integral locking plates and fitted to M40 selfaligning swivel bearings for a trouble free, long life operation.
Back-up service: It comes standard with 80mm hard chromed columns with split vesco nylon bushes and housings for easy replacement and maximum wear resistance. mmpr
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Hassel reduction REF: MMPR 81

product081Benefits to the industry: Fewer moving parts and more parts with on-site component replacement capabilityreduce cost associated with downtime.
Sustainability: Bouwa compressors offer direct energy savings of up to 20% and leak losses are also significantly reduced.
Maintenance: Maintenance is minimal in the wide range of portable, stationary and reciprocating models, available to accommodate any light industrial applications as well as those of the heavy mining industry; this includes diesel and electric motors. Additionally, the Bouwa range of compressors have digital controls.
APX Solutions offers a range of Bouwa compressors. mmpr
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Robust warrior REF: MMPR 79

product079Benefits to the industry: This multi-process piece of welding equipment is designed for heavyduty productivity with up to 500 amps delivered.
Rugged, user-friendly, and powerful, the Warrior 500i CC/CV features high duty cycle for long runs and various applications, giving high productivity, simple user interface for everyone to get started quickly, and robust ergonomical handles.
Sustainability: ESAB has obtained the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards in environmental health and safety management systems across all its global manufacturing systems.
Backup service: The company has support offices worldwide. mmpr
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Capturing calibration REF: MMPR 78

product078Benefits to the industry:
The Calog-Temp Multi-Function Calibrator, available through Calog Instruments is a high-precision, hand-held calibrator for the calibration and troubleshooting of process control instrumentation.
It simultaneously measures and sources ten types of thermocouples and seven resistance temperature detectors (RTD) whilst automatically capturing the calibration results. It measures milliamps whilst sourcing or simulating millivolts, TCs, RTDs or ohms to calibrate transmitters.

Its logging facility stores data on the SD card supplied which is easily downloaded to a PC via the onboard USB port and usable in most of the common spreadsheet formats.The trend featur
e is ideal for graphing temperature profiles and PID controller optimisation with a programmable timebase.

Maintenance: In addition, the Calog-Temp has the functionality necessary to install and maintain all powered and non-powered transducers using the built-in 24V loop. mmpr

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