Propping up roof support

Elbroc Mining manufactures and supplies in-stope roof support products to the mining industry. The ISO 9001 facility has a range of re-usable or sacrificial hydraulic roof support props that perform in accordance with the CSIR/NIOSH guidelines or rock burst and rock fall conditions.

Omni props are supplied in the following 20-tonne variants: Omni 89 with ranges up to 2m, Omni 127 with ranges up to 4.5m and Omni 150 with ranges up to 6m.

Omni 150 props are also supplied in 40-tonne derivatives and are used in steel set construction in tunnels, pillar rehabilitation or as stope support. The props also have impressive energy absorption and controlled yielding properties and are easy and safe to install.

These props come with standard attachments and cannot be over extended but can accommodate numerous seismic events and have proven to be resilient in rock burst conditions.

Omni props can be used as either permanent or temporary support. Blast-on barricades are easily attached to the props and the Omni 150 prop can be customised within a range from 10 to 40t as required.

Elbroc provides mine employees with full underground training for installing Omni props, which includes offloading, handling, transporting, installing and releasing the prop. Employees receive a certificate of compliance once training is complete.  

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 974 8013.


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