The perfect filter solution

Atlas Copco Compressor Technique’s patent-pending UD+ compressed air single cartridge in-line filter solution gives a 40% lower pressure drop and removes contamination in compressed air down to 0.01ppm.

The UD+ single filter replaces the two-filter solution currently used by over 50% of oil-injected compressor applications to achieve suitable quality compressed air. The Atlas Copco general purpose coalescing DD filter removes liquid water and oil aerosols from the air down to 0.1mg/m³ (0.1ppm) and particles down to 1.0 micrometre (µm).

The UD+ filter owes its success to its innovative design which incorporates Nautilus shell technology that is based on spiral pathways through which the air moves; the filter media is wrapped around itself which makes for a significantly larger filtration area while being less densely packed due to the use of more open, glass fibre media.

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