Cable thieves beware

Becker’s Proloc and ProBeck electronic protection and control relays are designed for motor protection, as well as cable theft detection, in diverse industries including mining.

The low voltage relays, with advanced technologies for dependable protection of electric motors used on pumps, fans, conveyors and compressors, can also be used as highly effective stand-alone cable protection systems, to guard against cable theft.

In the event of cable tampering, the unit sends an SMS or activates an emergency alarm or siren. This system is capable of SCADA visualisation and can communicate relevant information to a control room via an existing PLC.

The Becker cable theft detection system, with real time and date, can log up to 1 400 events, providing critical information including when the alarm is activated and how long it takes for someone to respond. The system needs to be reset at the location of the alarm to confirm response by security.

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