Fasten yourseatbelts…

The Mato Belt Fastening System is a reliable and cost-effective solution for conveyor belt fastening, especially in the underground coal mining industry.

One of the advantages of the system is that it can efficiently splice any textile conveyor belt, with thicknesses from 5mm up to 20mm, using the same lacing system with the appropriately-sized clip for the belt.

The complete Mato conveyor belt fastening system combines a lacer, bed, wire rope winch or tirfo, clamp, cutter, skiver, lacing pins, wave master and clips to produce a cost-effective, durable alternative to hot and cold splicing.

There are four Mato belt fastener sizes that cover the requirements of the South African mining industry and all four have low profiles for improved cleaner interaction as well as less wear and tear and reduced noise on pulleys and idlers.

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