A mean manufacturing machine

The Hӧfler Rapid 2000 cylindrical gear grinding machine from Harcliff Mining Services can achieve higher accuracy classes of the AGMA, DIN and ISO standards.

Its capabilities are beyond that of traditional hobbing and gear shaping manufacturing methods. The Rapid 2000 makes it possible to manufacture precision gear components and pinions up to 2.2m diameter and 14t in weight with a module range of 1 to 50.

Another advantage of the Rapid 2000 technology is that it can achieve vastly reduced manufacturing cycles in comparison to the traditional methods — allowing manufacturers to offer reduced turnaround times to their customers.

Some of the products that can be manufactured with the Rapid 2000 for the mining industry include open gears, pinions for mill and kiln drives and industrial gearboxes for internal gears and pinions. The in-board testing head, capable of measuring to the nearest 0.1 micron, can generate detailed tooth geometry inspection reports including tooth profile, lead, pitch and span measurements, which greatly complement the quality assurance aspect of the manufacturing process.

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