Saving energy one pump at a time

Atlas Copco’s GHS 350 – 5400 VSD+ oil-sealed, rotary-screw vacuum pumps for central vacuum supply systems can save up to 50% of energy.

The VSD+ technology also eliminates peak current penalty during start-up experienced with stop-start machines. The inlet control valve which provides modulating vacuum control in conjunction with the VSD further minimises energy consumption.

The GHS VSD+ range is equipped with Atlas Copco’s state-of-the art Elektronikon monitoring system. The motor speed and high efficiency frequency inverter are controlled by the integrated Elektronikon Graphic controller.

Complementing the Elektronikon is SmartLink, a flexible user-friendly solution for data monitoring. The GHS VSD+ series features a canopy with a hot-cool design which isolates all heat producing and temperature critical components (oil separator and element) from all the other components.

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