Drill down with high pressure

The new Atlas Copco XRV 1200 high-pressure portable diesel compressor is designed and engineered to reliably deliver quality air for a range of drilling applications including deep hole, water well and reverse circulation (RC) drilling.

The larger XRV 1200 is powered by a six-cylinder Cummins engine and generates 1170cfm at 23 bars. The compressor is also ideal for maximum drilling depths of up 350m. It is also very fuel efficient with reduced fuel consumption of up to 3ℓ of diesel an hour compared to other generators. Over a 10-hour shift this can translate to a saving of up to 30ℓ of fuel.

With a weight of just 4 300kg, the compressor can conveniently be mounted onto a drilling truck and is also suitable for fitment to an excavator with a drilling attachment.

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 821 9000.

The Atlas Copco XRV 1200 mounted on Super Rock 500 drillig machine web

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