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Rite Hydraulics has introduced Vesconite bushings that can be used on the pins on hydraulic cylinder rod clevises.

The rod and base clevises are the mounting sections of the hydraulic cylinder and yoke to the piece of machinery that is moved by hydraulic means and, as such, the good working order of the pins and associated bushings is necessary for the hydraulic movement.

Vesconite has up to 10 times better wear life in certain applications. However, the wear life is determined by the application and the operating conditions and it is advisable to use Vesconite without lubrication so that the bushings last longer.

To get the most out of Vesconite, customers are also advised to ensure that they use it in the correct application. There have been cases where people have used Vesconite it in an application where it is not suitable, such as where a load may be too high, or the rpm is too fast.

Rite Hydraulics customers are encouraged to contact the company to discuss which application they must use to achieve the best results. The company will guide them through design approaches and advise on lessons learnt from past applications.

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 616 1111.


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