Cooler, quieter and more efficient

Atlas Copco’s new GVS A rotary vane vacuum pumps feature a compact design and are up 15% more efficient.

GVS A pumps only have a flow range from 20 to 305m3/h. The pump has fewer components, optimised shaft speeds and uses low operating temperatures. A 20% reduction in components mean that the risk of failure is dramatically reduced.

The GVS A pump range also offers protection against oil contamination and can handle higher inlet pressures than other pumps. The inlet non-return valve protects the vacuum pump against counter-rotation in the event of stopping without venting. This device also protects the point of use against back-sucking of oil. The oil separation circuit of the GVS A has also been optimised to minimise oil vapours in the exhaust gas.

To get the most from the pump, users are advised to check for blockages on the intake as well as the exhaust side for dirty filters. The pump should also be used for its designed purpose and according to specifications it is designed for. Vacuum pumps do not like restriction on the exhaust side, so users must ensure that the pump ventilates to ambient.

An aftersales service and full-service support is available on request from Atlas Copco service department, CTS. If the client requires a service agreement, it is included in the sales contract or the client can enter into a service maintenance agreement with CTS after the pump is bought.

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 821 9000.

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