Reducing speed effectively

Fenner’s shaft mounted speed reducers (SMSRs) from BMG are flexible and provide an efficient method for reducing speed in diverse applications.

The SMSRs are ideal for applications including conveyors, mixers and mills, cranes and hoists. Fenner SMSRs, which have a smaller inventory of parts than conventional models, ensure a good power/weight ratio within compact dimensions.

Compared to other drive systems, Fenner’s SMSRs are simpler and have minimal spare requirements, which makes it easier to change the speed.

The PowerPlus range offers a 50% increase in power to weight ratio over previous versions and is capable of handling powers between 0.25kW and 250kW. These units have a more compact design for easier handling and a wider range of bore sizes from 20mm to 190mm.

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 620 1611.

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