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Carbolite Gero has developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thermal equipment, producing a very wide choice of furnaces, ovens, incubators, sterilisers and cooled chambers, with a temperature range from -150°C to 3 000°C. 

The Carbolite Gero product range included a variety of standard laboratory furnaces in chamber and tube formats. Chamber furnaces are produced in assorted sizes with temperatures up to 2 050°C. Increasing heat-up rates has been a particular area of development: conventional chamber ovens can now reach maximum temperature in under an hour and some rapid-heating models reach maximum operating temperature in under 15 minutes.

The extensive range of tube furnaces, which provides working diameters from 15mm to 150mm, includes vertical and horizontal models in fixed or hinged versions with single or triple zone control. 

Also available are vacuum tube furnaces and tilting and rotating models. Carbolite GERO also produces a range of laboratory and industrial ovens with maximum temperatures up to 625°C, including clean-room models and several large-capacity units giving useable volumes up to 27m3. Lower down the temperature scale are the incubators (ambient to 80°C) and gas-cooled chambers (-150°C to 300°C).

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