Custom fit for all pipes

HMA Wear Solutions split couplings are designed to suit the range of steel pipe diameters from DN100 to DN650 nominal pipe sizes.

The HMA split couplings include built-in handles that allow safer handling and reduce the potential for personal injury. They are also available in most sizes and can be used for various applications such as coal plants and mineral processing plants where they are used for pump suction and discharge lines.

Split couplings are also useful when plain ended pipes must be joined and where pipe work needs to be easily removed to allow work on adjoining pumps and valves.

The HMA Wear Solutions split coupling is engineered to suit the requirements of industries. Castings are constructed of Spheroidal Graphite (SG) Iron to AS1831 and GR500-320-7. Operating pressure rating is 800kPa for GT500 and above, and 2 100kPa for GT450 and below. Higher pressure rating is available on request.

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