Mixing it up

The PMSA P1500ℓ counter-current rapid pan mixer is available in a dust proof enclosed and stationary design.

The mixer has a dry filling capacity of up to 1 500ℓ or 2 400kg. The pan is carried on a sealed ball bearing turntable, driven in a clockwise direction by an 11kW geared motor unit on a cut gear transmission.

The pan floor and wall are equipped with easily replaced hard wearing lined segments or high alumina ceramic tiles which are optional. Central floor discharges are operated by an electro-hydraulic power pack, suitable for automatic operation and remote control (500mm in diameter).

The P1500 also comes with mixer mounted microwave moisture sensing equipment for automatic control of the moisture content in the mix. There are two eccentrically mounted four-bladed mixing stars driven by two overhead 15kW geared motor units. Parts that are in contact with the mix can be easily replaced if needed. The mixer also comes with two switches: upper and lower switches and for emergencies, an upper emergency limit switch.

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