Driving bulk materials

Aviteq’s electromagnetic vibrating drives are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and are suitable for applications where bulk materials are fed at a controlled rate. For almost each case of application in the vibration feeder technology and over all industries, magnetic vibrators are the favourite system.

Aviteq’s range of electromagnetic drives are useful for smoother stop-start operations, as opposed to using exciter gearboxes and unbalanced motors, which have a more immediate stop action. This is advantageous where ingredients need to be precisely measured for each batch. The drives are particularly suited to standard volumes where a high dosing accuracy is required.

Magnetic vibrators consist of spring or mass systems that exploit small clearance to resonance of the complete vibration system. The drives conform to all relevant EC guidelines and can be easily adjusted during operation.

Another advantage offered by this range is its high level of performance even though it has compact dimensions. The drives are available for use in hazardous environments and are also available for 60Hz power systems and other mains voltages.

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