Smaller and affordable Ref: MMPR 346


Benefits to the industry: Industrial operations in South Africa can remotely control numerous machinery functions without having to invest in large capital-intensive programmable logic controller (PLC) technology, thanks to the innovative new i-Commander control and telemetry device locally manufactured and distributed by Enviropower.

The i-Commander is a smaller, more affordable solution to a traditional PLC, which allows the user to control the required equipment or functions from a cell phone. It is the ideal solution for smaller systems that may not be covered by a PLC, but have certain aspects that need to be monitored, such as temperature, pressure and oil analysis.

Schipper modular

Engineered enclosure

Benefits to the industry: Schipper modular (purpose-made) floor standing enclosures comprise four multiple-steel uprights attached to top and bottom frames punched on a 25mm pitch to accept accessories.

Roof, back and side panels are fixed to the frames by screws. Doors are fitted to a reinforced frame for easy attachment. Accessories are available for the fitting of 19 inch racks, chassis plates and internal doors.

Designed for diamonds Ref: MMPR 347

Benefits to the industry: De Beers Technologies BWX 1112 High Throughput Large Diamond X-ray Sorter features maximum diamond recovery with minimum gangue material at high feed rates.

Maintenance: The sorter is operator and maintenance-friendly, with full maintenance support.
Other features include robust air ejector system, split container design for improved security, partitioned control area, tracer catch net for tracer tests and automatic self-calibration.

Backup service: A large number of specialised technicians are employed in the product technical support function of De Beers Technologies to ensure that a high standard of product support is maintained.

Virtual reality Ref: MMPR 303


Benefits to the industry: WorleyParsons RSA is achieving ground-breaking results by harnessing virtual reality technology from the gaming industry and applying it to mine design in the conceptual stage, with the potential to realise significant cost savings for its customers.

The technology builds on WorleyParsons’ heritage expertise and capabilities in mining through its Johannesburg-based Mining Centre of Excellence.

WorleyParsons has made this investment to offer customers a superior product at a relatively affordable price. Virtual reality technology seamlessly complements the company’s standard methods and allows it to fine-tune mine design with the customer before any drawings are generated.

Using virtual reality goggles, an entire multi-disciplinary team from the customer’s company is now able to take a ‘virtual walk’ through the actual site, reviewing mine and plant layout, function of moving objects, roads and associated infrastructure, as well as the risk and safety aspects of the entire layout."

Constructive App Ref: MMPR 300


Benefits to the industry: Atlas Copco Construction Technique Business Area is now launching an app for use with Apple and Android devices, tablets and smart phones. The new Construction App contains a huge store of information about Atlas Copco’s extensive range of products and services for the Construction sector. It also keeps the user up to date with the latest news about the construction market and has a host of other useful features.

Designed to make life easier for Atlas Copco customers and distributors, the Construction App contains information on portable energy products, road construction equipment, demolition and recycling equipment, concrete and compaction equipment, and service products.

The App provides all the information required to make the optimal choice when selecting from Atlas Copco’s extensive portfolio.

Backup service: The App also contains videos for training purposes and interviews about Atlas Copco’s operations. Based on the user’s location it will give information on the location and contact details of the nearest Atlas Copco Customer Center.

Electronic logbooks Ref: MMPR 302


Benefits to the industry: Capturing log entries electronically minimises shift handover risk, improves task management, and facilitates collaboration.

Emerson Process Management’s logbooks enables operators to electronically document activity records to streamline shift changes, drive operator action, and accelerate decision-making. A consistent approach to operator logs supports safety improvement efforts as well as audits and corrective action processes.

Information in paper logbooks is often hard to find. By moving to electronic logbooks, operators can establish an online knowledge base to speed up problem-solving and decision-making. Not only can operators search on text within the log entry, but they can also search on category, date/time span, related equipment, and a number of other attributes.

Providing a cure Ref: MMPR 301


Benefits to the industry: Control curing is an essential process in the manufacture of concrete products, as it ensures a more aesthetically-pleasing and consistent appearance, while increasing overall durability and minimising cement usage.

Pan Mixers South Africa (PMSA) is one of the largest supplier of concrete brick, block and paving making machinery in Africa.

The company directly imports a Kraft kit, which is assembled by PMSA appointed sub-contractors using local insulation and ducting materials. Through their partnership, PMSA and Kraft aim to provide the local market with high-quality equipment that is complemented by a value-added and comprehensive service offering.

Standby power solution MMPR 263

product263Benefits to the industry: The QSK95 generator sets are Cummins Power Generation’s most powerful diesel generator sets to date, offering up to 3,5 mW 60Hz and 3,75mVA 50Hz.
Sustainability: Over the course of 8 000 hours of operation, the QSK95 can achieve fuel savings of more than US$400 000 (R4million+). The QSK95 Series is designed to lower the total cost of ownership by reducing installation expenses, fuel costs and maintenance requirements.
Maintenance: Fewer maintenance requirements, longer service intervals and 25 000 hours to major overhaul make these generator sets ideal for prime power applications. mmpr
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