New dimension for thermal imaging

Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) adds visible spectrum definition to infrared images by detecting the edges of objects and including that detail in the thermal image.

FLIR Ex-Series cameras show clearly visible text so that you can read a label or identifier within the IR image. This exclusive function provides extraordinary thermal detail that instantly highlights and orients problem locations and eliminates the need to refer to a visual image for detail.

These cameras are point-and-shoot thermal imaging cameras that give you access to a new dimension. A FLIR Ex-Series camera provides a thermal image with temperature information on every pixel. The combined image storage of the new MSX, thermal and visual formats make the cameras incomparably easy to use. FLIR thermal imaging cameras identify and locate problems making it easier to find faults before they occur. The camera is easy to use and is just like a digital camera.

Infrared thermometers are reliable and very useful for single spot temperature readings, but when scanning large areas, it’s easy to miss critical parts. This thermal imaging camera instantly reveals possible problem areas whether you’re doing electrical, mechanical, building or property management inspections.

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