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HID Global Fargo has launched a new range of easy-to-use printers.

HID’s direct-to-card (DTC) and re-transfer printers are comprehensive, reliable, flexible and upgradeable. The DTC printers allow organisations to print a variety of cards such as employee access, membership, loyalty and photo ID cards.

The simple user interface on HID printers makes printing effortless. IT expertise isn’t needed as the printers are designed with easy features that make it simple for users to create cards. The printers come with software allowing anyone to create credentials for the cards.

Security is another important feature with these printers because the cards are not easy to replicate and all data on the printers is protected. Some of the security features include password protection and data decryption on the printer and locking card hoppers to manage different card types for visitors and employees.

The printers are also flexible and convenient as they allow organisations to create unique and personalised cards. This new range of printers is available in low entry level models, for smaller organisations and industrial models for bigger organisations. The printers are also Wi-Fi enabled to create and produce cards from any location and at any time.

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 250 0300.

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