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Implement a thermography maintenance programme with Fluke’s Professional Series Ti450, Ti400 and Ti300 Thermal Imagers.

In the past, establishing a preventive maintenance programmes required a lot of tedious work and often just didn’t work the way it should. The goal of a successful programme is to have easy access to historical data for each piece of critical equipment, so measurement trends can be monitored and maintenance downtime planned to prevent equipment downtime.

Implementing a preventive maintenance programme is easier with the Fluke Connect EquipmentLog history. Developed to help Fluke customers work faster and smarter, Fluke Connect EquipmentLog helps reduce equipment downtime and costs.

EquipmentLog lets the user create a folder for each asset with a description of the asset and the location. It also stores all the measurement data captured for this asset over time allowing maintenance technicians to do a side-by-side comparison from previous inspections, so any accelerated trends can be easily identified to help determine when maintenance needs to happen. This keeps equipment running longer, saving time and money and reduces the risk of unplanned downtime.

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