Pipelines with a purpose

Fibertex KAVI felts – manufactured from polyester fibres – form the basis for effective coating, impregnation and installation of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liners, for highly efficient ‘no-dig’ pipeline renovation projects.

“The multiple layer felt liners make it possible to repair even heavily damaged pipelines using the ‘no-dig’ method, with numerous advantages over conventional open trench pipe repair procedures,” says Lance Woolley, business development manager. “With these cured-in-place liners, there is no need for excavation during pipeline repair work and therefore inconvenience to traffic, production, business or residents is minimised.”

These environmentally-friendly needle-punched nonwoven felts are designed to restore full or partial pipeline bearing capacity, improve hydraulic pipeline parameters, increase flowrate and ensure perfect pipeline tightness. The felts are resistant to abrasion and chemical agents, are designed to accept the saturation of epoxy-based polyurethane resins to ensure efficient performance and extended service life from the cured pipe liner. They also ensure elasticity of the repaired pipelines, providing a smooth interior, with no joints. Contamination is minimised and cracks in the yielding soil are prevented.

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