Smart Bosch…in your pocket

The frustration of manually typing a product’s details or serial number into a registration form for product identification is now a thing of the past thanks to the new Bosch Pocket Assistant app, which provides such data automatically using your smartphone.

Bosch Pocket Assistant helps tradespeople find the right tool or accessory quickly and effortlessly. “It is all possible thanks to a new product identification function implemented by Bosch in this form for the first time worldwide,” reveals Bosch professional senior brand manager Campbell Mhodi.

This combines various technologies, such as image and text recognition, to ensure that reliable results are obtained in a single scan.

As an extension of the Bosch Toolbox app, the new Bosch Pocket Assistant is available free of charge as an add-on. All it takes is three simple steps: just open the Pocket Assistant app, scan the Bosch product or accessory packaging using your smartphone and you will have access to all available information about the product, including technical details and application videos.

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