Inspection and maintenance experts

Toprope is a rope access company focusing on inspection and maintenance. It services Africa’s mines, power utilities, and other industrial facilities, offering innovative rope access solutions for clients requiring quick and safe turnaround times.

It specialises in working at heights, using multi-skilled rope access technicians (RATs) with equipment to carry out a wide range of rope access-based services. Toprope is committed to ensuring the occupational health and safety of all parties involved in its operations. It takes care in employing only those who are best suited to the unique nature of its work. Its mining support services are geotechnical assistance, rock-barring, rock netting, rock anchors, slope and cliff stabilisation, catch fences, fall protection netting and access netting.

Its personnel are all trained and accredited in accordance with the relevant codes of practice. It is proud of its safety record and continuously works at improving its safety standards.

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 453 5775.


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