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Experience matters Ref: MMPR 429

Benefits to the industry: Usha Martin is a manufacturer of a wide and diverse range of quality wire ropes suited for almost all applications. Scaw Distribution, one of South Africa’s largest distributors of lifting products, is closely aligned with Usha Martin to provide steel wire ropes and slings. Features include a manufacturing process from iron ore to wire rope, produced from wire rod manufactured in own steel plant, with a use of only the finest wire rope lubricants from international suppliers. Look out for the unique identification tape inside the rope.

A good fit Ref: MMPR 428

Benefits to the industry: The 3M E-A-RFit Validation System is a quick and accurate method of estimating real-ear attenuation for a given fitting of a pair of earplugs. This versatile system has been designed and built to be an integral part of a comprehensive workplace hearing conservation programme. The 3M E-A-RFit Validation System is objective fit-testing system to validate the fit of 3M earplugs.

Backup service: Free online training and user support. The product includes software, speaker and impact resistant carrying case.

Increasing safety Ref: MMPR 426

Benefits to the industry: Fogmaker fire suppression systems have a solid reputation for protecting both human life and assets within the global bus transportation market.

This high pressure water mist fire suppression system is rapidly gaining popularity within a number of sectors where its value in terms of decreased downtime and reduced insurance risk are apparent. Due to the use of hydro-pneumatic fire detection, which is totally independent of any electric circuit, both the detection and suppression systems work even when the electricity supply is disconnected. Resetting a released suppression system is simpler, easier, faster and more effective than with powder or foam suppression systems. A further benefit is that the system can be installed in confined, out-of-the-way spaces in closer proximity to the required protection location.

Thermal safety socks Ref: MMPR 427

Benefits to the industry: Born as flame-resistant daily workwear socks for industrial workers, the Charnaud Thermal Socks have many unique characteristics that also make them highly sought after in sport and leisure environments. Feet can easily sweat up to 250mℓ per day, leading to fatigue, bad odour, bacterial infections and possible dermatitis. The socks are highly absorbent, wicking moisture away and keeping your feet exceptionally dry. Each sock is built around an elastomeric cage hugging the foot and the ankle with equal pressure at any point. This reduces swollen feet without affecting blood flow.

Security platform Ref: MMPR 390

Benefits to the industry: Johnson Controls is perpetually introducing new features and functionality into its P2000 security management system, an innovative integration platform that’s adaptable to small and large organisations.

It offers:

  • Integrating badging systems with your HR database streamlines operations and reduces human error while creating an audit trail.
  • Combining live video, intercom and open door functionality on one workstation saves staff time.
  • Wireless lock integration reduces installation costs and creates a more secure facility.
  • Intrusion panel integration protects your investment in existing technology and minimises capital investment.

On the grid Ref: MMPR 388

Benefits to the industry: A large percentage of workplace injuries are due to slips, trips and falls. These accidents are often attributed to slippery floor surfaces, unnoticed obstructions and employees being distracted. By installing appropriate non-slip grating many of these accidents can be avoided.

Rectagrid RS40 grating available through Andrew Mentis provides a safe and efficient way of draining away slippery substances whilst simultaneously creating a slip resistant, high traction work area.

The secret to the product’s success is a combination of the design, engineering and manufacturing process which result in the positive raised sections that create multi-directional obstructions on the top of each bearer bar.

The pressure locking system used in the Rectagrid RS40 secures the bearer and transverse bars, resulting in an uncompromised walkway surface that is both solid and safe in all applications

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