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Safety to the max Ref: MMPR 435

Benefits to the industry: Magnet’s extensive portfolio of electrical equipment, industrial instrumentation and automation systems, encompasses robust lockout/tagout devices, designed to restrict access to hazardous equipment, thus minimising the risk of accidents or injury of employees. These devices are designed to the specific lock-out requirements of leading circuit breaker manufacturers.

Keys are stored in distinctly marked safety enclosures, which are mounted on a wall close to the machinery. These enclosures act as a safety check points to prevent the inadvertent start-up of a machine that is undergoing repair or maintenance.

Included in this range are plug, cable, valve, cylinder and pneumatic lockouts, as well as circuit breaker and electrical panel devices.

Sustainability: These corrosion resistant devices, which withstand operation in harsh and hazardous environments, ensure enhanced safety of LV and HP panels, transformer rooms, crushers, rollers and shunting equipment, as well as caging around machinery.

Life-saving respiratory protection Ref: MMPR 434

Benefits to the industry: Workers unexpectedly caught in toxic atmospheres can secure life-saving respiratory protection within seconds using the PremAire Escape compressed air emergency escape breathing device, available through MSA. This device can be fitted in under five seconds.

What’s more, it provides an air supply of 10 to 15 minutes, allowing the wearer to escape without difficulty from any hazardous environment. The patented PremAire Escape is designed to withstand high levels of industrial gas leaks, in harsh chemical environments such as hydrogen sulphide (H2S). The major components of this device have undergone critically high H2S concentration testing by a third party. Despite concentrations exceeding 25%, the permeation detected remained minimal.

Escape safely Ref: MMPR 433


Benefits to the industry: P&C Mining Services Value Add Escape Chute is an invaluable piece of safety emergency equipment that can be quickly and easily deployed when a rapid means of egress is required from a tall structure. The fabric of the Escape Chute offers heat and flame protection of up to 550◦C; and a controlled but rapid descent with a maximum of 3m per second.

Sustainability: Minimal physical exertion is required for deployment and no electrical or hydraulic power is required to operate the chute. Full deployment is completed in less than 10 seconds and the evacuee can be safely at ground level in under 20 seconds.

Backup service: Full onsite training is provided to our customers and their employees. Maintenance service level agreements are tailored to the client’s requirements.

Bright idea Ref: MMPR 432

Benefits to the industry: The PTC Caplamp, available through Schauenburg Lighting Technologies, features a compact and powerful battery pack and high intensity LED light source.

Available with dual gas warning device, the product has a low cost of ownership and charges on existing racks. Custom made charging racks are available to minimise floor space. Other features include an intelligent charging system to report shaft clearance and battery conditioning. The life time of the light source is about five years, and the charging time is less than ten hours.

Safety and service footwear to the extreme Ref: MMPR 430

Benefits to the industry: Bagshaw Footwear’s Fuel range features sole material of nitrile rubber R5 compound resistant to 300°C, with a cemented and stitched unit construction. Other features include non-woven vamp/fleece lining and sizes ranging from 5-12, unless otherwise indicated. The range accommodates industries characterised by both heat and ice.

High definition welding helmet Ref: MMPR 431


Benefits to the industry: ESAB’s Aristo Tech HD stands for ‘high definition’ – with its new matte black shell, newly developed X-Tig features and optical class 1/1/1/1 represents the ‘best in class’ performance from an auto darkening filter cartridge (ADF).

The X-Tig feature enhances the ADF’s ability to react in low amp applications and almost eliminates sunlight interference and obstructed sensor occurrences.

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