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Lock out the danger REF: MMPR 481


NorthxBenefits to the industry: A LOTO system prevents unexpected start-up or release of stored energy by securing a padlock to a clamp to lock the machine being serviced or maintained. After being locked, a tag is placed on the machine to indicate that it should not be turned on.

North offers a wide variety of padlocks that are available in nylon, aluminium, steel and brass body options. Nylon body padlocks are best-suited to electrical applications, due to the non-conductive properties of the material. Temperature and corrosion-resistant aluminium body padlocks are ideal for high-temperature outdoor applications up to 580°C.

Due to their strong physical resistance characteristics, steel body padlocks are designed for severe physical environments, while spark-resistant brass body padlocks are ideal for use in flammable applications. The North range of padlocks feature shackle diameters ranging from 4.7-7mm, and have shackle heights ranging from 20-75mm.


Top of the line REF: 478

MSAxBenefits to the industry: MSA’s G1 self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is the company’s first SCBA to meet and exceed all high-level international quality and safety standards, such as NFPA (North America) and EN (Europe).

Providing more functionality than ever before, the G1 Control Module, which is the ‘brain’ of the system, has both dual analogue and colour digital LCD displays, ensuring that important status indicators are available at all times.

The G1 SCBA also boasts new features, including the elimination of all electronic components from the face piece. Instead, a ‘Central Power’ feature powers the entire unit from a single battery compartment, while darkness and smoke-piercing ‘buddy lights’ provide visible indicators of critical air supply data from any angle.


Electrical machines REF: MMPR 476

ActumxBenefits to the industry: The Fluxus G series of ultrasonic gas flow meters sets a new industry benchmark for non-intrusive clamp-on flow metering of gaseous media. While the traditional approach has been to cater for a range of liquid to gas flow metering with a single transducer technology, Flexim has developed a specific technology to cater for the accurate and reliable ultrasonic flow measurement of gases over a wide turndown ration.

The Fluxus G series is available from local distributor Peter Jones Electronic Equipment, which falls under the Actum Industrial division of the Actum Group.

The critical criteria of any gas flow meter are accuracy and reliability. Flexim’s ultrasonic transducers are specifically matched and paired, and therefore guarantee a high zero stability, as well as high precision at low-flow velocities.



Light the way Ref: MMPR 436


Benefits to the industry: Energizer’s Atex Headlight (work and heavy duty segment) is Class I, Division I rated.

Features include pivoting head for directional beam; four light modes: high/low power for white LED, red LED for night vision and Green LED for inspection work; flip-up lens, shatterproof lens and rear-mount battery pack (which distributes weight evenly for a more comfortable fit). The product is designed to last 15 years and works with three x AA batteries

Engineered for your machine Ref: MMPR

Benefits to the industry: The use of Bell recommended oils ensures efficient performance and optimum protection of the engine. However, the use of low sulphur fuels with recommended oil provides maximum benefit.

Sustainability: Sulphur in diesel forms sulphuric acid that plat a major role in increasing engine wear. On the other hand, low sulphur diesel forms less sulphuric acid when combusted which leads to lower engine wear rates, reduced harmful exhaust emissions, improved combustion properties and longer engine life.

Gas detection made simple Ref: MMPR 437

Benefits to the industry: Booyco Electronics has established itself as a provider of sensors that are also designed to operate in the often harsh operating conditions found in Africa on both underground and surface mines.

Accurate measurement of gases is made simple with Booyco’s South African manufactured ESI Smart Sensor. Significantly, this compact sensing unit, weighing only 1,8kg, has the ability to measure one of 15 different gases from a single controller. This feature sets the instrument apart from other such units currently in the market.

The ESI Smart Sensor has a localised information display making it simple to read, and it can also accommodate other sensors with analogue outputs, such as air velocity sensors or smoke detectors.


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