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Bright light supreme MMPR 526

Benefits to the industry: Torre Parts and Components have announced VisionX LED lights for drilling rigs in the mining industry. The Pitmaster 400W-500W lights can be installed on operators’ cabs to provide a bright LED wide-beam.

All housings are thermally managed to ensure no touch burns will occur if an operator or mechanic comes into contact with the housing and all lighting heads are low voltage fixtures with no risk of electrical shock or burn other than the inverter systems required to drive in high voltage applications.

The products use VisionX’s patented Prime Drive technology integrated into the circuitry giving prolonged LED life, enhanced reliability and expanded light output.

Sustainability: The lights are better for the environment because they can reduce carbon footprint. LED lamps reduce CO2 emissions and counteract the greenhouse effect. Changing to just one single LED bulb can keep half a ton of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere through its life cycle. LEDs are 98% recyclable.

Fighting fires MMPR 525

Benefits to the industry: DoseTech’s FireDos foam dosing systems have a number of features that include accurate foam concentrates dosing proportional to flow, fixed or mobile with flow range from 50ℓ/minute to 20 000ℓ/minute. Other features include vertical or horizontal mounting, electrically-operated ball valves for remote operation, foam concentrates accuracy proportional to flow, and low system pressure loss through water motor.

Grate work REF: MMPR 489


AndrewxBenefits to the industry: Andrew Mentis’s open ended system (OES) on its RS40 Rectagrid floor grating panels offers customers some unbeatable advantages.

The OES is more cost competitive compared to banded panels, and lead times are also much shorter, especially for customers who usually cut and fit standard panels on site.

Because of the manufacturing process, the half pitch on all sides of the panels results in an almost seamless walkway. Aesthetically pleasing pattern-matching is made possible by the accurate pitching, so that you are presented with a non-jointed appearance when the open-ended panels are joined.

The banding of panels is eliminated by using the OES, and because there is no welding, corrosion is significantly minimised. Customers therefore benefit from both cost effectiveness and simplicity of design and installation.


Efficient lifting REF :MMPR 487


EnerpacxBenefits to the industry: Enerpac’s PL-Series Pow’R-Lock portable lift system provides continuous locking protection during lift, lower and hold functions. Patent-pending control technology synchronises cylinder and lock nut for smooth and efficient lifting and lowering. The unique double-acting cylinder offers a low collapsed height to accommodate more lifting applications. A simple two-button pendant allows operation of raise and lower functions from up to 6m away. Its ergonomic handle has six positions for comfortable handling and folds when not in use.


To the rescue REF: MMPR 486


HolmatroxBenefits to the industry: Holmatro’s Greenline battery-powered spreader GSP 4240 features high spreading force, pulling force and large distance compared to size and weight. Its low sound level is less stressful for victims and ensures easier communication between rescuers and victims.

Sustainability: The product is powered by lithium-ion battery technology with no power consumption when idle. The product is also emission free and environmentally friendly, and ideal for use in confined spaces and/or underground spaces.


Beneficial nutritional supplement REF: MMPR 485

MoringaxBenefits to the industry: Nutrient and anti-oxidant rich Organic Moringa Oleifera supplies the body with the nutrients it needs to protect and heal itself. The best medicine is preventative medicine. Moringa contains iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and protein and comes in powders, capsules, shakes and energy bars.


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