Hoisting to maximum safety

The DR-Com rope hoist is an ideal hoist solution for applications which demand maximum safety, reliability and efficiency.

This new model has been newly classified in the FEM Group. The increased cross-travel speed enables the new DR-Com to provide even higher handling rates. The rope hoists are reliable, require very little maintenance and are easy to service. All the hoist and trolley components are rated for a long service life and smooth operation and the wearing parts are easy to access.

DR-Com units feature gentle, low-sway load handling, compact dimensions for space-saving installation and maximum lifting height. They are easy to operate and offer a slew of safety features. The units are available in a variety of configurations to offer the best solution for your specific requirements – from 2 to 10t, from foot-mounted models to double-rail crabs. You can choose the control system to suit your need, choose either a processor or contactor control.

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