Lighting up night vision

The BJD321 LED explosion proof double head emergency lighting, available from Nordland Lighting, provides long life, high reliability aluminium housing designed for hazardous areas. The double LED lamps are adjustable to 360º allowing you to focus light where you need it.

The LED luminaire is designed for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and 22 classification areas. Copper free content aluminium alloy powder coating (Grey) body. Acid/hydrocarbon resistant silicone gasket for temperatures of -50º, shock and temperature resistant borosilicate glass lens ensure strong impact resistance. A heavy-duty Ni-Mh battery offers reliable operation up to 55ºC ambient. It has self-test, monitoring and diagnostics to reduce maintenance checks and brown-out and short circuit protection.

With a weight of 3.2kg, this light has a duration of 90 minutes and has lenses made from shock and temperature resistant borosilicate glass. The light can be used in the toughest weather conditions and can withstand corrosive, wet and dust areas. It also has pendant or wall mounted flanges as well as CREE high efficiency LEDs.

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