Making light of safety

The ifm safety light curtains make it safer to reach difficult and dangerous places. Wherever motion of machine parts presents a danger for people or goods, safety light curtains or safety light grids are used. These safety sensors, also called electro sensitive protective equipment (ESPE), operate without contact.

On activation, the protective equipment ensures that the outputs are switched off which results in a machine halt. Safety light curtains and safety light grids consist of an optical transmitter and receiving element. In the transmitter element, there are several light emitters and an equal number of receivers in the receiving element. When one or several light beams are interrupted, the system switches off the safe OSSD outputs. 

The main differences of the versions from the OY series are the resolution and the protected area height. Various functions such as range and restart are configured directly on the unit, no PC required. A t-slot on the back allows simple and reliable mounting using the supplied mounting material. 

Its various accessories make low-cost and efficient use easier. The OY type curtain comes in a very small housing that is 28mm x 30mm in size and can be installed without dead band. Selectable ranges are available from up to 20m for light curtains and up to 60m for light grids with easy tried-and-tested M12 connection.

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