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Working conditions underground in a mine can be strenuous on one’s body. North Safety Products Africa produces an energy boosting drink that is also a scientifically formulated fluid.

Hydro Work is designed to help decrease or prevent potential heat stress disorders while providing a steady stream of carbohydrates to working muscle. This will maximise your performance during hot conditions.

Electrolytes have been added, in a precise ratio, to balance fluid uptake by muscle cells and importantly, to reduce cramping. Hydro Work contains a blend of the best carbohydrates known to boost athletic performance and unlike inferior products, contains no sucrose table sugar. Some of the drinks have been lightly flavoured and are available in orange and lemon lime among others. Other drinks are not flavoured at all as excessive flavouring will accumulate on the taste buds, causing discomfort.

Hydro Work comes in a powder form and contains no preservatives. Once it has been mixed with water, it must be consumed within 24 hours. Some of the ingredients include maltodextrin, dextrose, fructose, acidifying agent, E330, electrolyte and ascorbic acid.

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