Tackling those tough jobs

The KSV Severe Service Knife Gate valve is designed to withstand high pressures and abrasive slurries to tackle some of the toughest jobs in mining, steel, power, chemical, municipal sludge, bio-fuels production and paper industries.

The KSV valve has a rounded gate edge, rounded packing chamber and an adjustable packing gland. This live-loaded, multiring packing system minimises any external leakage, extends packing life and reduces maintenance. Lifting lugs cast into the packing chamber on all valve sizes (and additional cast and machined lugs in the body on larger sizes), make the KSV valve easy and safe to handle, install and maintain.

Features such as the one-piece body, hard-faced gate and rotatable seat rings make this valve style ideal for isolation in high-pressure and high-density slurry lines. The KSV valve’s 100% port area reduces turbulence, wear and pressure loss across the valve. The KSV’s lockout system is designed to hold the full actuator force, plus a safety factor. This ultimate lockout system is available on manual or powered actuators.

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